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Extensive Research on the Southern Townsends!

Riely Leon Townsend's Groundbreaking Work, Offered by The Townsend Society Of America


Riely Leon Townsend retired from the Post Office in 1958 and decided to gather material on his family. He intended to have, at most ten typewritten pages when done. During the next 15 years he traveled over 45,000 miles from Virginia to South Carolina to the Pacific Coast.


He ended up with over 300 pages first released in 1973 and updated in 1974. The document was informal and primarily directed at family and friends. Riely had copies made and he bound them into a clasp-style binder.


For years word of this work and requests for the same had spread but actually attaining a copy was next to impossible. The Townsend Society discovered an original copy, signed by the author, in its collection at Oyster Bay. This offering is an accurate scan of this original document.



What’s on the CD?

The CD contains scans of the original document pages, organized in table of contents order, and named as they were originally named. These scanned documents were electronically converted to a format that can be viewed the facility available through Acrobat Reader.


The material on the CD are cataloged and organized to make it easier to get to the information you are looking for. We’ve made extensive use of Acrobat’s Bookmark feature to guide your way. Just find the topic you are interested in, click on its bookmark, and the image will pop up on the screen.


The CD will run, as a minimum, on PC-compatibles, Apple Macs, and Linux machines. The files are in Adobe PDF format and are viewed using Adobe Acrobat's free Viewer, a copy of which is on the CD.


Also on this CD is a complete index that was developed by Grace Williamson Perry of Little Rock Arkansas.

Bookmarks Example                                   



How Do I Get The CD? 
The CD is available for $30 to members and non-members. The fastest way to buy it is via credit card through Paypal, a free service. Go to for details. When at the Paypal site, when asked who to send it to, enter Or press this button to automatically start the process:

We chose Paypal because they took the least amount of funds, compared to other secure credit card payment systems, from TSA for the transaction. If you can't pay by credit card through Paypal you might look at their eCheck service. Otherwise, send check or money order, attn: RLT CD Purchase, TSA, 107 E. Main St., Oyster Bay, NY 11771 and we'll get one in the mail to you.





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