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Joshua Townsend - Molly Smack
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Joshua Townsend - Molly Smack
Posted: 11/08/2011 - 12:28 pm
I have been looking at a brick wall for over 30 years.  NEED HELP !! 
Joshua H. R. Townsend (b. 1790) in Worcester County, MD, married Molly or Mary Smack (b 1795) in Worcester, MD in December 1810. They had 8 surviving children (John, Joseph, Lemuel, Esme, Henry Rives, James, Juliana, Mary) that went with them to NE Missouri in 1838, along with numerous other MD families from this area.  I have traced all 8 children's line of decendants, but can not find the parents of Joshua.  The name Rives comes up in the family and may be the R. in Joshua's name.  I have found Rives Townsend in the area at the came time - with some connection to the Smack family, but apparently not a close relation to Joshua.  I have been to the TSA office and to Snow Hill MD 2 times and to the Maryland Hall of Records 2 times - What am I missing?

Townsend - Solloway
Posted: 04/07/2012 - 4:53 pm
David Townsend (1807-1884) brother of Rachel Ann Townsend Hudson, m. Matilda Solloway.  Did David have more than 3 sons?  I have George, Thomas and James.  I think he had more but haven't been able to find them.  Anyone else following this family, I have lots more about David.  Would be glad to share with anyone else following this family.  Thanks