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Ezekiel Townsend Bath Va. 1847-1802

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Ezekiel Townsend Bath Va. 1847-1802
Posted: 08/20/2014 - 11:08 am

My mother's 2nd Great grandmother was Laura Jane Townsend 1825-1905

daughter of Solomon Townsend 1767-1850 and Sarah Robey 1785-1860

Solomon Townsend was the son of Ezekiel Townsend of Bath Va 1747-1802 and Charity Townsend

The majority of the Ancestry Trees have Ezekiel as the son of Henry Townsend of Oyster Bay 1725-1803 and Anne Wright 1735-1825.

None of these trees have any sources or documentation supporting Ezekiel Townsend as the son of Henry and Anne Townsend from Oyster Bay and I do not want to perpetuate any misinformation.  I have not been able to find any reference in any material I have read on the Oyster Bay Townsends that supports Ezekiel Townsend as a descendent of Henry and Anne.  I have posted and emailed and searched, with no response to date. 

I am hoping that someone can confirm or deny Ezekiel's Osyster Bay connection.  Thanks so much for your help..

Pat Kross