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Esther Townsend b: abt 1726
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Esther Townsend b: abt 1726
Posted: 01/13/2015 - 9:49 pm
Our Townsend family line starts with Esther (Ester) Townsend who married James Parnell.  I am trying to confirm that Esther's parents are John Townsend (1723-1795) & and Elizabeth Pearson (1726-1795).  I have been told that Esther and James were married 18 May 1774, Bedminster, Bucks, PA but have no source.  Is there a source for Esther's parents and her marriage?  Thanks, Steve Griffin

Esther Townsend b: abt 1726
Posted: 01/14/2015 - 7:41 am
Lucky find allows me to answer my own question:  I found the following which is an acceptable source for both the marriage and confirming Esther's parents as John & Elizabeth Townsend.
Marriage records from Bush River Monthly Meeting
1774, 2,20. James recrq.
1784, 5,18. James m Esther Towsent.

1775, 4, 6. James (Townsand), s John & Elizabeth, Dist. 96, S. C, m Mary Cook.1775, 4,12. Elizabeth, dt John & Elizabeth, Dist. 96, S. C, m Amos Cook.
1781, 1,27. James & William, s John, of Padget's Creek, dis.
1782,12,28. John, Jr., of Padget's Creek, dis.
1784, 5,18. Esther (Towsent), dt John & Elizabeth, Dist. 96, S. C, m James Parnel.
1789, 1,31. John, Jr. rst by rq.
1789, 2,11. Margaret, dt John, m Samuel Hunt.
However, another mystery.  The 1784 marriage date is inconsistent with birth of earliest child Elizabeth 18 Jan 1779 in Union, SC and George, John and Ester who were all born before 1784.   The marriage date I was given is 18 May 1774.  Maybe a translation error?  How to see the original document?
Steve Griffin

Esther Townsend b: abt 1726
Posted: 01/14/2015 - 8:25 pm
I found another copy of the Newberry, Bush River Monthly meeting as a part of the U.S. Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935 located here:
Below is a copy of the document that confirms their marriage year as 1774.    Steve Griffin
Esther Townsend b: abt 1726
Posted: 01/14/2015 - 8:42 pm
Every family tree I have found indicates Esther as a daughter of John & Elizabeth Townsend.  But so far I have found no document that lists Esther as one of John & Elizabeth's children. David Green's document lists "Elizabeth Townsend of plumstead and her children james, Elizabeth, william, Ruth, john and Sarah receive certificate to Bush River Monthly meeting in Carolina."  Esther was about 24 when she was married. Possibly her name was not included becasue the certificate was issued after she was married and not consideres as apart of Elizabeth's family.
So I am off to try and find an entry in the Bush River MM listing family members. 
0931: I did find some Townsend marrages: James and Elizabeth, brother and sister of Esther.  Could not find the Dec 1766 Entry regarding Elizabeth Pearson Townsend and her children as described by David Green. 
Now I am going to see if I can find an on-line access to Bedminster, Bucks, PA, MM where Ester was born in about 1751 that might mist the childrens names.
Steve Griffin