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Esther Townsend

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Esther Townsend
Posted: 03/25/2015 - 12:36 am
Hello, Mr. Griffin -
In response to Esther Townsend and her marriage date:  it is quite certain that Esther Townsend married James Parnell/Parnall in 1774; their intentions were made in April, and the marriage was in May 1774.  I do have the will that James left for his children; George, James, Elizabeth, Sarah, Esther, Ruth, in 1797.  In this will he states that Sarah, Esther and Ruth are the three youngest, and that George and James are his two sons;  I would think that leaves a possibility for Elizabeth, born in approximately 1779,  to be the oldest child of James Parnell and Esther Townsend. In the Townsend Society transcripts 1983 4, it lists Hinshaw showing John Townsend of Padget's Creek during the Revolutionary War, and Esther Townsend along with spouse James Parnell are included.  However, for some reason it seems the date of their marriage in the CD is 1784; that has to be an incorrect entry. I am trying to remember something I've seen from another source that mentions John Townsend, daughter Esther, and James Parnell.  I will keep looking for you.  My 5X great grandfather, John Townsend Jr., was Esther's brother.