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Charles H Townsend 1818-1897
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Charles H Townsend 1818-1897
Posted: 10/17/2017 - 10:37 pm
Need help finding the parents and possible siblings of Charles H. Townsend:
b.1818 in Miegs County Ohio
--1880 Census lists his parents birth place as Maine
m.1839 Harriet Sadler in Miegs County Ohio
--Served in the Civil War in the Iowa 9th regiment
--Had 3 children: William Worth Townsend, Charlotte A. Townsend, and Charles M. Townsend, all born in Ohio
d. 1897 in Randolph Iowa
My 2nd great-grandfather, Samuel D Townsend, was in the same Civil War regiment as Charles, lived in the same small Iowa town, and was also born in Ohio. So perhaps these gentlemen are related in some way.

Charles H Townsend 1818-1897
Posted: 11/06/2017 - 4:02 pm
Here is a reply on the old Townsend list from 2007 about this Maine family.  They would be on our website under Maine Townsends, I believe.  Anyhow, the YDNA looks like they descend from Robert Townsend of MA with succeeding gens going to Maine.  Robert's wife was Ruth Sawtelle.
The one thing you have to remember about the Meigs County Townsends is
> that there were 4 or 5 different Townsend Familes in and around Meigs,
> Vinton & Athens Counties and they were not all related nor did they all
> come
> from the same places. The Townsend family in Scipio Twp. was from Maine.
> Part of that family stayed in Maine, Robert & Ruth came here and some of
> them married into families in Rutland Twp. There was another family that
> came into Scipio for a short time and then moved on to either Rutland or
> Salisbury Twp. This was Joseph, with a dau. Lydia. He was a tanner from
> somewhere around New York State. There was a large Townsend Family who
> was
> in Columbia Twp. who came from Virginia and another family just across
> the
> county line in Vinton Co. also from Virginia but apparently not related
> to
> each other. Some of them also moved into Columbia Twp. and most of these
> two families are buried in Temple Cemetery. Up in Athens County were
> two
> more Townsend families. One of these was related to the Townsend's of
> Scipio Twp. The other was not.
> Robert & Ruth Townsend from Kennebec Maine had 13 children. Several of
> these children came with the family when it came here in 1816. They had
> a
> daughter Lydia who married a Luther Taylor in Meigs Co. Robert and Ruth
> had
> a son Robert who started his Townsend line in Gallia Co., Ohio.

Charles H Townsend 1818-1897
Posted: 11/06/2017 - 4:03 pm
Forgot to mention that in 1840 Charles H. Townsend is in Scipio Twp., Meigs Co. along with a John Townsend.

Charles H Townsend 1818-1897
Posted: 11/20/2018 - 7:36 pm
Charles Howard Townsend was married a 2nd time, after his first wife Harriet died.  He married Louisa Roby Miller in Iowa in 1891. On the records, he lists his father as Robert Townsend and mother as Loedy Page.   Do either of these names sound familiar to you?
Excited yet mystified, Debbie Goddard