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Wm Townsend Perquimans North Carolina and later, Hendricks Co Indiana

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Wm Townsend Perquimans North Carolina and later, Hendricks Co Indiana
Posted: 08/11/2018 - 2:31 pm
Hello, I am searching for information on William Townsend Sr. and William Townsend Jr. who first show up in Perquimans County, North Carolina in the 1700s. They are not my line, but they are often confused with William Townsend, one of three sons (John, James and William) of John Townsend and Elizabeth Pearson Townsend of the Bush River Monthly Meeting group in South Carolina. John Townsend and wife Elizabeth Pearson Townsend are Bucklebury Berkshire Townsends. Most of the trees on have mistakenly connected the William Townsend of Perquimans County North Carolina with the Townsends of South Carolina; Bucklebury Townsends. It has been easier to follow the family of William Sr. and Jr. of Perquimans North Carolina, starting with Harold Emory Townsend born 1925 and died 2017 in Paonia, Colorado. -Harold Emory Townsend born Baca Co 1925 died 2017 Paonia Co., married Beebe Grace Austin in 1943 -Father of Harold Emory Townsend: Charles Austin Townsend b. 1888 died 1936 Co., married Veda Martha Binford 1909 -Father of Charles Austin Townsend: Roscoe Conklin Townsend born 1827 Hendricks County Indiana died 1889 Hendricks Co. Indiana. married Elizabeth Alberson 1854. -Father of Roscoe Conklin Townsend: Jesse Newby Townsend born 1827 Hendricks County Indiana, died 1889 Hendricks Co. Indiana, married Elizabeth Alberson. Married Asenath Reynolds -Father of Jesse Newby Townsend: William Townsend Jr. born 1781 Perquimans North Carolina died 1872 Hendricks Co. Indiana- married Ann Hockett, married Nancy Copeland. Father: William Townsend Perquimans Co. North Carolina; I believe he married widow Rachel White Winslow I would really appreciate any leads that would connect William Townsend Sr. to where he originated. Of course, what would be perfect is if I could communicate with a descendant of this William Townsend who has had their yDNA tested. The Townsend Society has documented and traced back more than 20 different genetic Townsend lines, but this particular line I don't believe has been identified. I apologize for the lack of formatting; when I cut and pasted this, the formatting was lost. Please respond to this if you have information, and also please respond to I'm not sure I get notifications of posts from here.
Thanks, Kim Townsend Spangrude