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Benedictus Townsend Descendants in FLA

A collection of photos sent to us by Brenda Townsend Akins:
In the first group of photos are the Townsend Building and Townsend House in Lake Butler which are on the National Registry of Historic Places. The next group of photos shows the Morgan-Townsend House located near Salt Springs which enjoys the same designation (although last time I saw it in 2010, it was in a serious state of decay).  It has a twin which was built at Orange Springs. I was told that the Townsend Brothers of Lake Butler (James Walter and William Columbus) owned the two springs and used the same building plans to construct a house at both locations. James Walter originally owned Salt Springs and William Columbus owned Orange Springs. I don't know why they decided to switch, or the terms of the transaction. Orange Springs is a small spring not far from Lake Butler. It is now used by a company to bottle spring water. I remember swimming in it when I was a young girl.  Salt Springs is a large water body, and was purchased by the State to be enjoyed by all.  
City of Lake Butler