Townsend Society of America
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Suite 103
Oyster Bay, NY 11771
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Summary of Society's Collections

The Society has specific collections named for the individual who originally collected the items or to whom the items pertain.  They range from letters to newspaper columns to scrapbooks.  Some have genealogical interest and many are on the website.

Additional information on our collections is available in our Members Only section.

Collections of the Townsend Society of America range for a few pages to longer items.

  • Howard/Justine Van Rensselaer Townsend Family Register
  • James W. Townsend Papers
  • Dr. Peter S Townsend Notebook
  • Wisner Robinson Townsend Collection
  • Letters About Isaiah Townsend  
  • Townsend Family Notebook
  • James C. Townsend's Townsend Memorial Letter 
  • Mary Shannon (Webster) Thomas Papers
  • The George W. Cocks Collection
  • Edward Townsend Barnard Collection
  • James E. Walther Collection
  • Frank and Ethel Townsend Collection
  • William M. Weeks Collection
  • William and Rebecca (Townsend) Bold Scrapbooks and Miscellanea
  • Edna Coles Collection of Miscellanea [wife of Charles Delmar Townsend]
  • John Hardenbrook Townsend Collection
  • Letters of Howard Townsend, 1930-1935