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U.S. South/Ireland/AUS. CastleTownshend

This Townsend Family Group has at least four subgroups identified as a result of DNA testing.  They remain unconnected by traditional research and documentation and no common ancestor has been identified.  Recently several persons with other surnames but DNA results matching Townsends are trying to find their Townsend connection.  The 'h' in the Irish branch was only adopted in the 1870s and by a minority of that large family.
  • An early known ancestor in England is Colonel Richard Townsend born about 1618, died 1692 whose home was Castletown, Ireland. His line is documented by Richard Baxter Townsend and his wife Dorothea who collected various accounts and records, both public and private, and published in 1892 a book entitled "An Officer of the Long Parliament...
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  • DNA results for # 6274 whose branch of this sub-group ties it to other the subgroups. See # 663 in the book website. This subgroup held a 2013 reunion.
  • Several persons in the US south whose earliest known ancestor is Thomas Townsend d 1796 Cumberland Co., NC.
  • An Australian.
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Background and Comments
The I-M223 haplogroup is based on members of the group who have been tested. For information on this haplogroup go to Wikipedia.
Monty Groves, TSA member, visited CastleTownshend, Ireland.  Click here for his pictures.