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Snow Hill, MD

John, perhaps born circa 1640 in Accomack, Virginia is the earliest known ancestor of this Townsend family group. He married and moved his family to Snow Hill, Somerset Co., Maryland.

This group includes the Solomon of Anson Co., North Carolina sub-group. 
Background Information and Comments
The Haplogroup is R1a1a with #5896 and #17388 having been tested; while the others in this group are projected by FTDNA. Further testing is available to refine this Haplogroup.
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Relationships of those tested.
#13580 Stanley is Uncle of #5896 Buell
# 22260 is only one marker different than the others at 389/2 as 389/2 is the sum of 389/i and 389/ii
Bennett Greenspan of Family Tree DNA in response to a question wrote: "There is no doubt that all of the men in this summary are closely related; especially the 4 who have 7's at DYS 459a. Of the nearly 20,000 people we have tested only .9 of 1% have a 7 at that position. Couple that together with the unusual 17 that all of these men have at DYS 19 and it drops to 7 men, 4 of whom are in this group (and 2 from a scientific study of Dr. Hammer)."

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